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The DUALMON project presented to economy partners at Faculty of electrical engineering in Podgorica

The dual education pilot program was presented to the representatives of the economy on the 15th of June at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica. The pilot project includes the introduction of internships for students in the final semester of basic academic studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The internship will last for a month and a half and it will be realised in companies that will be partners in the project.

The working group from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has developed a dual education model that will initially be implemented in the Computers module, in the 6th semester of basic academic studies Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers. In this way, through professional practice, students would master in a real working environment part of the learning outcomes provided for the subjects: Database, Information systems, Expert systems, Multimedia systems, and Internet app programming.

Additionally, the model involves the possibility of implementing dual education in other modules or disciplines, in accordance with the needs of the companies that will participate in the piloting of the project. All or part of the subjects from the module can be included in the piloting of the project. The representatives from Faculty announced that the work of students in companies will begin in May 2023, after the students have mastered the theoretical knowledge necessary to solve everyday work tasks in companies.

Meeting was attended by  prof. dr Vesna Popović-Bugarin from Faculty of Electrical Engineering,  Blažo Crvenica and Bojan Tešić from Uhura Solutions, Ivan Radunovi from CODINGO, Marko Pejanović from Ifostream, Boris Bigović from Amplitudo, Marko Lekić from Fleka and Stevan Šandi from BIXIBIT.

Link: Univerzitet Crne Gore (