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The DUALMON project presented at the International staff week held at the University of Montenegro

The DUALMON project – “Strengthening capacity for the implementation of dual higher education in Montenegro” was presented at the International Staff Week organized by the University of Montenegro, in cooperation with 2 universities from Spain – University of Jaén and University of Cadiz. At the meeting held on July 6th, 2022, the representatives of the project team, professor Vesna Popović Bugarin and professor Zdenka Dragašević, together with representatives of Spanish universities, members of the Project Office and academic staff of UOM, discussed current activities within the DUALMON project, but also pointed out the possibilities of further cooperation and work on joint projects.

On this occasion, the importance of the DUALMON project in the development and improvement of higher education in Montenegro was highlighted, as well as the importance of the introduction of dual education. During the meeting, the representatives highlighted the steps that have been achieved in that domain through the implementation of this structural project so far and discussed the planned activities and potential challenges that are expected in the forthcoming period.