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The DUALMON project presented at the International staff week held at the University of Alba Iulia

The DUALMON project – “Strengthening capacity for the implementation of dual higher education in Montenegro” was presented at the International Staff Week organized in the period from 4th – 8th of July, 2022. by the University of Alba Iulia (Romania). On that occasion, within the framework of the meeting dedicated to considering the possibilities for international financing of higher education institutions and access to international funds, members of the project team, professor Boban Melović, Dragana Ćirović MSc and Milica Vukčević MSc emphasized the importance of international cooperation of the University of Montenegro, especially in the field of high of education. They pointed out the importance of introducing dual higher education in Montenegro through the piloting of the DUALMON project, financed by the Erasmus+ structural funds.

At the mentioned meeting, knowledge and experience in this domain were exchanged with representatives of the University of Alba Iulia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan, and useful practices that could be implemented in Montenegro in the future, through the implementation of the DUALMON project, were discussed.