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DUALMON presented at the international conference “Maintenance 2022”

7th international conference “Maintenance 2022” was held in Budva (Montenegro) during the 12th-16th of September 2022, which was a great opportunity for presenting the DUALMON project. Namely, this year’s conference has recognized the importance of the dual higher education, wich is reflected in dedicating a special section and round table on the topic “Potentials for Dual Studies in the Field of Maintenance and Stronger Cooperation with the Economy”. The moderators of the round table were prof. Darko Petković, and the members of the DUALMON project team – prof. Špiro Ivošević and prof. Boban Melović.

On that occasion, several scientific papers on the topic of dual education were presented, including one written by the members of the DUALMON project team (Boban Melović PhD, Dragana Ćirović MSc and Milica Vukčević MSc) – “Dual Higher Education in Montenegro – Opportunities and Challenges”. During the presentation, the main goals of this structural project are presented, the benefits it provides for HEI, companies and students are pointed out, and the steps that have been taken so far in order to realize the project were stated. The presentations of the scientific papers were followed by discussion on the importance of dual higher education, during which suggestions on possible ways to overcome the challenges that arise along the way were given.

It is important to notice that one of the co-organizers of the conference was Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor – University of Montenegro, which is one of the members of the DUALMON project. The main organizer of the conference was Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – University of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), while other co-organizers were Engineering faculty – Harran University, Şanlıurfa (Turkey), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – University of Maribor (Slovenia), Faculty of Technical Sciences – University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and Mechanical Engineering Faculty – University of Slavonski Brod (Croatia). Hence, this conference was the great opportunity for gaining international visibility of the DUALMON project.